IGRF’s Healthy Kids, Healthy Foods, Healthy Communities extends locally the initiative spearheaded by Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity's National Health and Wellness Committee.

Initiative Purpose
To provide health and wellness information along with measurement tools and metrics for our membership, their families and surrounding communities; to educate them on ways to monitor their personal health status as well as to keep personal health as a priority.

In addition to providing venues for health care information and screening, and forums for discussion on current health-related issues, the Healthy Kappa's / Healthy Communities initiative will provide ongoing communication on health and wellness issues through the use of web based digital media and other means. Members will also be encouraged to keep a Kappa Health Score Card that logs and records key health information for members and their families.

To underscore the significance of health and wellness in the fraternity's day to day efforts; Indy Kappa will continually lead by example with specific fundraisers and awareness events targeting health risk issues in our community.

Healthy Kids ~ Healthy Foods ~ Healthy Communities

To extend the reach, the Healthy Kappa's / Healthy Communities initiative targets partnering with local healthcare organizations, leveraging respective community resources to spotlight the importance of health in the bond of fraternity, families and for the Indianapolis community at-large:

American Diabetes Association

St. Jude Children’s Hospital

 IGRF Healthy Kids ~ Healthy Foods ~ Healthy Communities